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I’d like to invite you to the virtual community for Fiercely Intuitive Mamas®. A safe, informative, and supportive space for mothers who are fiercely connected to your intuition, or desire to be. 

For the past 14 years, I've supported women who desire to raise naturally healthy, mindful, attached families. Many of the mothers who come to me have been trying to “do it all” and be the “perfect holistic mom,” but they’re struggling to stay afloat, to deal with resistance from their family, to not give into what everyone else is doing, or to maintain the energy to keep it up.

Moms come to me for suggestions on how to continue doing it all without feeling so burned out. They come to me for tips on making things easier or advice on streamlining. They come to me because they are doing all the “right” things, and their kids are still getting sick or they’re still feeling frustrated.

I love offering that kind of practical advice, but after years of mentoring moms AND being a mother myself, I’ve noticed that what these mothers need more than tips and advice is to learn to deeply take care of themselves, on a soul level.

We need our cups to be refilled in order to continue to give to our families, and often the refilling of our cups requires more than a nail appointment or even a massage.

We mothers have a deep desire to feel seen and heard, to have our brilliance and strength reflected back, AND to have a space where our vulnerability and tenderness is welcome.

This is that space.

Fiercely Intuitive Mamas® is a private, members-only, online community where we can connect and share information and resources. I will be moderating the threads and offering support to each member of the group.

Here’s what you can expect to find in our community of Fiercely Intuitive Mamas®:

  • Access to practical useful information and resources including controversial topics that may be censored in other communities

  • Information on nutrition, cooking, natural remedies, etc.

  • Conversations  on attachment parenting from infant to teens, nursing, childbirth, baby-wearing, healthy eating habits,  etc. from weaning to teening

  • Monthly  recorded grounding meditation/visualization and/or journaling prompt to support being in flow with the season and managing energy

  • Monthly opportunity to check-in with me during our virtual tea times so you can ask questions and feel our connection  

  • Members-only discount for private coaching sessions

  • Fun bonuses like book reviews 

  • An opportunity for you to connect with other mothers on a similar journey, with a shared desire to continue the practice of connecting to our intuition regularly

Amara’s wisdom, experience, and willingness to share helped me see and understand healthy options that most others were not talking about. She gave me the confidence to make the decisions that I knew I wanted to make for our family.

— Beth Gruenski

Amara is a kind and strong leader, full of wisdom and precious experience. It seems natural for her to facilitate growth and healing. I truly enjoyed learning from her rich and varied wellspring of knowledge. Thank you Amara!

— Juliana Burbano

I believe so strongly that one of the greatest gifts we have is our ability to trust ourselves and listen to our intuition, but I also know that fear and doubt and information overload are the enemies to this gift.

I’ve seen time and time again that when mothers with a shared desire to trust themselves more come together, amazing things happen. For ourselves, for our families, and for the world. And that is why I feel so happy to share this with you!

Having one foot firmly planted in the practical realm of cooking and holistic remedies, and the other foot firmly planted in a more emotional and spiritual realm is one of my superpowers, and I’ve designed this virtual community for mothers who desire both.

This isn’t a regular mom’s group or online chat. This is a sacred virtual community that gives you a supportive space to explore yourself and your desires. We welcome all parts of you into this sacred space, and we honor them.

Up until now, I've only been able to support mothers in group programs or private coaching programs.

This is a unique opportunity to come together in community. It’s a long time coming, but the timing feels perfect right now and I'm glad that it's here! I look forward to seeing you there!

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